Kumagai-yutaka Oral-B Genius 9000 3DWhite Electric Toothbrush Rechargeable Powered by Braun, 1 Rose Gold Connected Handle, 4 Toothbrush Heads, 1 USB Travel Case, 2 Pin UK Plug:Kumagai-yutaka
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Oral-B Genius 9000 3DWhite Electric Toothbrush Rechargeable Powered by Braun, 1 Rose Gold Connected Handle, 4 Toothbrush Heads, 1 USB Travel Case, 2 Pin UK Plug:Kumagai-yutaka

Oral-B Published in October 18, 2018, 7:21 am
 Oral-B Genius 9000 3DWhite Electric Toothbrush Rechargeable Powered by Braun, 1 Rose Gold Connected Handle, 4 Toothbrush Heads, 1 USB Travel Case, 2 Pin UK Plug:Kumagai-yutaka

Oral-B Genius 9000 3DWhite Electric Toothbrush Rechargeable Powered by Braun, 1 Rose Gold Connected Handle, 4 Toothbrush Heads, 1 USB Travel Case, 2 Pin UK Plug:Kumagai-yutaka

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Rhaoulos Reply to on 23 July 2018
I bought the 9000 for the charging carrying case and because my old low end toothbrush had a dead battery.
It is Oral-B so it is good, BUT:
- It is bigger than other models
- The case is gigantic and doesn't fit in every toilet case
- You need a specific adapted instead of relying on a USB charger
- The USB port is pretty much useless since it doesn't work as a powerbank
- The bluetooth app will amuse you for about 3 days then you'll forget about it
- The tracking with face recognition is the most useless gadget. You will need to remain perfectly still in front of your phone in a well lit room or it won't work.
- I only use 2 of the 5 modes and don't know what the others do.
- It is too expensive
Business Book Worm
Business Book Worm Reply to on 20 February 2018
At Full price - this is madness but with an Amazon discount, it is well worth the investment. I have not used the bluetooth features. They appear to be a gimmick but it might kill a few hours in a hotel room while travelling. The big attraction is the battery. This is an improvement on previous Oral B handsets (I have had a few at this stage). This model comes with a travel case and a dedicated travel charger. It even allows you to charge your mobile phone from the travel case but this is a bit of a gimmick. Being able to charge the toothbrush using a phone charger would be much more useful...
In short, if you can buy this for under £100, then it is great value. It looks good in the bathroom. It has an excellent travel case (and charger). The big plus is the the battery is a significant upgrade. The bluetooth features... I have not bothered. I don't take my phone to the bathroom!
G. Best
G. Best Reply to on 4 August 2018
This toothbrush cleans my teeth brilliantly. I haven’t felt my teeth this clean ever using a manual brush and I highly recommend it. The part that I lost interest with is probably the part that beefed up the price tag with the smart phone feature that allows you to mount your phone on the glass and can guide you on how to achieve the perfect brushing experience and gain points and record your brushing history. This may appeal to some people but I think I used it twice and couldn’t be bothered with it as it’s a chore just to mount the noble and it’s unit just to brush my teeth early in the morning and late at night. Plus I seem to brush a lot longer than the desired 2minutes so never had this problem.
The pulses whilst brushing is a good idea to help people who need assistance but the color change of the LED to personalise your toothbrush really didn’t make it a game changer for me at least. Great toothbrush though I highly recommend
mohammed Reply to on 14 January 2018
I recently purchase and received this product on Friday and my goodness it has to be the best toothbrush toothbrush i have ever come into possession of for the price of £99.99 it may seem expensive to you for a toothbrush but I tell you now it is most definately worth it especially since the previous price of the product was £279.99 and after checking everywhere else i found that the cheapest price was at Amazon (with the exception of eBay but they were for used versions mostly).
With 6 different cleaning modes (5 for teeth 1 for tongue) the oral-b 9000 offers so much more than regular cleaning and they seem to check out aswell as my teeth have never felt cleaner it was as if dentist had cleaned them for me.
The product comes with a travel case aswell which actually charges your toothbrush and phone aswell as it has a usb port too. I would find this to be quite useful In case if I ever forgot my charger on a long journey or holiday and also come with 4 different toothbrush heads aswell, each head for a specific kind of cleaning.
Now personally i prefer the circular toothbrush heads as they cup each tooth while cleaning meaning they clean almost every part of the tooth making it quite convenient for me to reach for the tough places near the gums and if you apply too much pressure then it's smart ring would activate turning red to warn that you are using too much force which is a great indicator for me because I used to use a lot of force when brushing my teeth before and kept damaging my gums in the process but not anymore, with the smart ring I shall no longer make the same mistake!!!
Lastly there is the oral b app which is also a good way to keep track of time to see how long you have been brushing for but it also tells you what places you need to target more and it include tips and video guiding you on how to brush your teeth properly with the oral-b 9000 now personally I do not use it that much up but I still consider it to be a resourceful app.
Overall I am delighted with the purchase of this product and would definitely recommend this to anyone who is in need of a good electric toothbrush or a toothbrush in general it is definately worth the money and does not fail to deliver!!
GrahamF49 Reply to on 2 March 2018
We'd owned earlier versions of this brush but had deserted Braun for Philips. Returned to Braun when the Philips brush became very ineffective at cleaning. I was hopeful for better things from this model, despite the unnecessary gimmick of connecting it to my mobile phone. Whoever thought of that nonsense? But after only a couple of weeks, the "Cross Action" head shows significant deterioration, so it looks like Braun have managed to build in obsolescence to their over-priced heads at an even fast rate than before. Not impressed.
James Reply to on 26 January 2018
Truth is having to charge this two or three times a week takes away from the best toothbrush I have ever had.

Really fed up that no matter how long I charge it,the power drains way too quickly.

It has been like this since I started using it so really should of returned it.

But performance wise it is amazing and my teeth never felt so fresh and clean.
Bradley Reply to on 23 April 2018
I have used this for a while now and oh my, this has given me results! I have never had bad teeth (plaque/Black) but I have “wonky” teeth and this still got in every little space! I now have braces and it still is performing at its best and reaching under my wires and around my braces. My hygienist said my teeth are very well brushed and that I’ve kept them well looked after! I’m so pleased to own this brush! The case that comes with it is probably the best instead of the holder. It’s sanitary to keep it in the case on my bathroom shelf and use it when necessary instead of using he stand that it comes in (I live in the UK so we don’t have bathroom plugs). It’s more convenient with the case, also way more hygienic in my opinion!
Muttley32 Reply to on 5 March 2018
I really like this toothbrush as it can make it easier to brush each section of the teeth for the recommended time. It comes with a Bluetooth link to a mobile phone app which to me is rather a gimmick and has no real use. They also advertise that it can monitor your brushing position. It does this through a mobile phone mount which you would attach to a mirror for example and then it uses the camera in the phone to see what you are doing - again rather gimmicky and of no real practical use.
However, the toothbrush itself is really good and the batteries last at least two weeks between charges. It comes with a nice hard carry case which incorporates the charger which makes it very convenient when on visits.
Graham Clark
Graham Clark Reply to on 25 July 2018
Used the bluetooth Mobile phone app gimmick once - then forgot all about it! Impossible to brush your teeth and keep your face in the right position for the app on the mirror. Actual toothbrush works well, but the motor drones.... This is a replacement for a Philips Sonicair Platinum, which was slimmer and sleeker in design, with a better motor sound. We'll wait and see whether this is worth the money.
Mr. B. S. Cottee
Mr. B. S. Cottee Reply to on 15 February 2018
Good solid hardworking electric tooth brush.
If you can remember the advert stating a product cleans your teeth as good as your dentist, this does that and more so (even had a compliment from my dentist about how clean my teeth were).
I bought this to replace an original Oral-B toothbrush and you can see and feel the improvements which have been made.
Can't say anything about the Bluetooth side of things as I have not felt the need of it and taking a mobile device into a steamy environment......I'll leave that to your imagination and you do have the over pressure alert and it does tell you when you need to move on so what more do you require.
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