Kumagai-yutaka Dog Harness, PYRUS K8 No Pull Harness Dog Lead Padded Pet Walking Harness Heavy Duty for Dogs ( XL ):Kumagai-yutaka
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Dog Harness, PYRUS K8 No Pull Harness Dog Lead Padded Pet Walking Harness Heavy Duty for Dogs ( XL ):Kumagai-yutaka

Pyrus Published in October 18, 2018, 7:36 am
 Dog Harness, PYRUS K8 No Pull Harness Dog Lead Padded Pet Walking Harness Heavy Duty for Dogs ( XL ):Kumagai-yutaka

Dog Harness, PYRUS K8 No Pull Harness Dog Lead Padded Pet Walking Harness Heavy Duty for Dogs ( XL ):Kumagai-yutaka

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miss nicole harper
miss nicole harper Reply to on 2 April 2017
Took my 75kg Dogue de Bordeaux out for the first time with this harness today. Walking her prior to this was not a pleasure for either of us. From leaving the house she has not pulled once. I could hardly believe it. She used to pull like a freight train..Brilliant.
Alexa Reply to on 3 August 2017
I originally bought this because my dog had some stitches put in under her front leg, and her halti non pull harness at the time went between her front legs and would have rubbed on the stitches. This actually seems to work better at controlling her pulling than her halti harness, so I'll keep using this one in future. Really easy to put on, just slip over the head and clip round there chest, clip has a handy locking device so it wont un-clip itself if she accidentally catches on something, very durable and seems to be comfortable, there's no straps getting in the way if she's running around. One thing I would say is this harness is more suitable for larger dogs, my dog is a Labrador and she fits a medium harness, when in most pet supplies shes usually a large.
hilary Ross
hilary Ross Reply to on 4 April 2017
Excellent well made product. Easy to put on. Dog very happy with it on. Doesn't stop dog from pulling though. But over haul very happy with this product. Value for money.Bought small for my medium slim border collie.
David Jones
David Jones Reply to on 4 January 2018
This harness is so well made, strong and padded; our GSD X Belgian Malinois seems to love it, BUT, there is no way of altering the length of the front strap, so it is slack on her and has worked out how to jump up and pull backwards to work her way out of it! Also, the positioning of the lead attachment is on the top of the harness, so for our dog it does not discourage jumping or pulling at all.
Mrs. S. Robertson
Mrs. S. Robertson Reply to on 1 May 2017
Bought for my bigger than average border trerrier, who is getting rather grumpy in her old age, it gives me better control and the grab strap is just what I needed in grumpy moments, really good to put on and best of all she really likes wearing it, thanks so much fab piece of kit.
Sunriser Reply to on 13 January 2018
Arrived today and we have just come back from the walk. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that not only did she have no objection to wearing it but no longer hauled me along the road. The walk was a pleasure. I didn't have to listen to her choking herself on the collar and lead and it must have been nicer for her. Not sure whether this is sea proof so when she wasn't on lead I took the whole thing off. She did not object to me putting it back on. I am delighted. Just to aid other people. I bought a med size but had to make it smaller with an easy adjustment. She is an 8 month old American red lab. I used a bungee lead with it.
sahaola Reply to on 5 June 2017
Very pleased with this dog harness. It is nicely padded, with space for tags. I gave it 4 stars out of 5 because the hair will stick to the inside big times, if you have a shedding dog . .You can remove this with a bit of effort and a wet cloth.( see photo). Our older dog ( 16) loves wearing it and the handle is so handy to help her in and out of the car or to grab her when she is of the leash and needs to be restricted. I bought size M for our Botder Collie Cross which fits snug without being tight, easy to adept. Only wish I bought it earlier for our old girl, and some colour choice would be nuce. .
Ann Mcintyre
Ann Mcintyre Reply to on 18 July 2017
stops dog pulling just a bit warm in this weather
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 30 April 2017
I absolutely love this!! It's so easy to put on, and for once my dog doesn't pull. ( well not yet anyway ) I also like the sliding lock on fastener for extra security
Ant421 Reply to on 19 July 2017
Good overall control, instantly noticed the difference between this and a normal neck collar. My dog breaths better and pulls less, would recommend to anyone wanting to purchase this.
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