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The Gro Company Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer:Kumagai-yutaka

the gro company
the gro company Published in October 18, 2018, 8:02 am
 The Gro Company Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer:Kumagai-yutaka

The Gro Company Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer:Kumagai-yutaka

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SWildman Reply to on 22 February 2018
In short, this is supposed to aid sleep.
However as most are pointing out (I didn't read them), the lowest night time light setting is too bright.
My son is used to a dark room, we got this to help with his early rising, however the nighttime blue light has a setting of 0 - 10, 0 being off.
Even at 1, is illuminates the room.
For a company that sells a black out blind, you would have thought they knew about keeping the room dark.
They could easily have lower light settings for this.

We set it to 0 and the morning wake up does work, just a shame about the night time light.
Can't imagine anyone setting it higher than 1 unless the child is scared of the dark
Simmo Reply to on 21 November 2017
It does what it says on the tin but its not great. It desperately needs a revision:

1. Add a battery for battery back up in event the power fails or a child pulls out the lead.

2. Add the ability to automatically turn on night time mode at a certain time and lock the buttons. This is a no brainer for a software revision and would make life much better.

3. Add support for daylight savings time automatic time changes. This caught us out recently when our kids got up at 5:30 and woke us up because we had forgot to change the Gro clock!

4. Add ability to auto lock the buttons in night mode.
serena tea
serena tea Reply to on 25 June 2018
I had heard fantastic things about this clock working magick..however, the first time we used this with our 2 year old boy, he came tearing into our room at 5 am to let us know he can “make mr. sunshine appear!!” *sigh* Needless to say, if your child can push enough buttons to make the sun come up, it seems fairly useless; think we kept it in hopes it may one day kick in...but how many ever months later it’s been, everyone in the house is still woken by 5:30am 😩
Tory Reply to on 8 August 2018
I’m still really surprised that this works. Bought it for my 2.5 year old who decided he wanted to start waking and calling for me during the night (after sleeping through from 3 months old). Clearly I wasn’t delighted by his new plan.

Wanted a way to show him when it was time to get up and when it was ok to call for me. This clock works wonders! My son totally gets it and often lies in his bed watching it in the morning (whilst I’m getting ready for work) and jumps up the moment it turns from a blue star (night mode) to a yellow sunshine.

It also has a circle of mini stars that slowly disappear during the night (or day nap) to show how close it is to morning. Whilst I’ve explained this to my son, I don’t think he really gets this yet, he’s just waiting for the sunshine to appear, but I think he’ll definitely get this over time and it will be a great way to introduce the idea of time passing as you move around the clock before teaching him to read a proper analogue clock.

Knocked off one star because the design of the menu system and buttons (for setting nap and night sleep times) isn’t very intuitive or user friendly.

Other than that, Delighted!!
Crossley Reply to on 24 August 2017
Absolutely love this product! Having had sleeping issues with my son his entire life I can't believe how quickly he understood the concept especially as he's only just turned two! He now wakes up and waits in his room for the sun to come up at 7am. We read the book that came with it to him every night to help him understand the difference with star and sun.

Be persistent and this product is a brilliant aid for any tired parent
J_Leics Reply to on 21 November 2017
It's okay - basically a light on a timer, when the 'sun comes up' i.e. time to wake up, it is way, way too bright, so would wake a sleeping child. Like having a light turned on in the room. Have to face the clock down. Pity there's no dimmer on the 'sun' setting like there is on the stars.

That said, it does it's job and daughter knows to stay put until the sun comes up.
Tami Reply to on 11 January 2016
I swear by this!

I bought it for my sons who were actually aged 5 & 7 at the time of buying this. They are old enough to not wake up in the night but on weekends they like to get up super early, especially if they can see it is light outside. By buying them this clock they now know when they are allowed to get up and start the day, if they wake up and see that the stars are still on there then they go back to sleep for a bit. It works really well.

I will be keeping hold of this if I have more children as I think it would work great with young todlers also!
Sam Reply to on 17 August 2016
Got this for our 2.5 yr old who started waking up at 5.30am and calling for us.
From the day we started using the clock he slept much later, and seems to really enjoy the whole experience. He understands that "when the sun comes up mummy or daddy will come in", and doesn't call us so much.
There's a daytime and night time setting - the former is supposed to be for naps. But instead we use one for weekdays and one for weekend mornings.
Individual daytime settings would be useful, but overall we're really pleased with this.
Tomato Ketchup
Tomato Ketchup Reply to on 31 August 2018
My boys have recently gone in to separate rooms, having shared since they were very little, so I've bought a second one of these so they can have one each. With my eldest it took us a long time for him to know not to come and wake us up before the sun had come up on his clock, but we did eventually get there, probably around the age of 3.5. My youngest has picked it up much more quickly, from around age 2, simply by being around his brother in the mornings. We spent the first 3.5 years of parenthood being woken at 5.30am. We've now pushed it back to 6.30am, with a lot of thanks owed to Gro-clock.
T. Hussain
T. Hussain Reply to on 12 September 2016
Fantastic, our twins who are three got the idea straight away. They were also very excited at having a star and sun clock in the room. The light from the clock also gives a nice glow, enough light to be able to see in the dark but not too bright to disturb which is good if the kids are getting up to use the toilet etc. The light can be dimmed if you prefer not to have the glow too bright.

Weekend mornings now start at a sensible time!
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